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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Checking in

Well, I've been back from San Diego since Sunday... but Monday I had to take my Father to the emergency room after he passed out twice trying to make it in from the truck. It was extremely hot out but that wasn't the cause. After five days in the hospital and running every test they could think of (including 2 MRIs), they kicked him loose last night believing he was having a bad reaction to one of his medications. I visited with him this morning and he was definitely doing better so I'm holding out hope that the doctors were right.

The hospital itself was one of the biggest cluster fucks in history. I took them from 2:30 pm till 1:30 am to get my father checked into an actual room... my father is 70 years old and they had him sitting in a wheelchair in the emergency waiting area for that long. Also, the airconditioning wasn't working. So everyone in the place was sweating like crazy. And getting a wheelchair just to get him in the place was an ordeal. I had to basically keep kicking on the door until an orderly came out and gave me a chair to go get him myself. And then they wouldn't let me take the chair out of their tiny parking lot to the church parking lot next door where my mom had to park... in between the two, 3-feet of dirt. I basically carried my dad from the van to the chair. And when I went to visit him the next day... the power in the hospital was out. Still no A/C and now they were running on back-up power..

And to top it all off, no one was telling my mom what was going on. My mom finally camped out in his room for 8 hours waiting for his doctors so she could get some answers. I am very pleased my dad is home and seems to be getting better... but I couldn't be more disgusted by Whittier Hospital and its staff.

I'll be back in a day or two with a con-report and news on new projects... just don't feel like getting into all of that right now.


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