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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

At the Shop Today

OkayÖ. Iím going to try and get back to the regular posting and I figure Iíll jump back in with my review of the books at the comic shop.

THE CREEPER #1 Ė Best book of the week hands down. I really think this is the merging of the perfect creative team with the perfect character. The art is gorgeous, the writing is strong, even the lettering is nice. The last five pages alone are worth the cover price.

WORMWOOD: GENTLEMAN CORPSE #1 Ė Love this book. I will never understand how Templesmith can draw so fastÖ but Iím glad he can. This is the closest thing to Hellboy Iíve seen in a long time without it being a copy. Great stuff.

52 #13 Ė Iíve been riding this weekly train with glee so far and Iím not going to be hopping off any time soon. This definitely has some of the creepiest moments Iíve ever seen in a comicÖ and having just read the entire Showcase Presents: The Elongated Man, this one really hit home. The back up origin was nice but not sure where the contortionist angle came from prior to seeing the first Indian Rubber Man.

MOON KNIGHT #4 Ė UhmÖ can we get somewhere here please? Iím done with the wallowing in self-pity routine. Itís taken him four issues to stand up! Iím bored already. I honestly think this is the problem with bringing in non-comic writers to write comics. There is a completely different pacing needed for a monthly comic. This is the pacing of a novel and it doesnít work here. I wonder how much of it is the fact it was pitched as 6 issues and then made on going; was the original plot stretched too far out? I love Moon Knight but this is very close to the drop pile.

DETECTIVE COMICS #822 Ė I think what I like the most about Diniís run here is that Batman is being a detective again. Which is what I think should always happen in this title. It should always focus on the ĎWorldís Greatest Detectiveí and not the Dark Knight. I really like these one-and-done adventures as well.

ATOM #2 Ė I think this one is close to the drop pile as well. I want to like it, but there really isnít any charm to the character. The writing is kind of boring and Iím a huge fan of Byrne but the art isnít bringing it home either. I think Iíll give it one more issue and see how I feel after that.

BOMB QUEEN VERSUS BLACKLIGHT #1 Ė Iíve never read Blacklight, but I have the Bomb Queen trade and really liked it. The reason I like the trade is that its just fun. Thereís no social commentary, no moralistic fableÖ its just fun and sometimes thatís what you want from a comic. This one-shot tries very hard to be fun and succeeds at times. I think the problem is that the writer doesnít have the feel for Bomb Queen like Jimmie Robinson. The book just feels restrained and BQ comes across more as a playful imp than the mass-murdering babe she is supposed to be.

Thatís all for comics. The one trade I picked up was HELLBLAZER: ALL HIS ENGINES which I havenít had a chance to read but it looks gorgeous.


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