I have written about many heroes over the last decade and I learned something important. It isn’t the Phantom’s ring, Green Hornet’s mask, ShadowHawk’s armor or even Sinbad’s sword that makes them heroes. It’s about the heart and courage to stand up and do the right thing even when you’re not the strongest person in the room.

My newest hero, Jimmy Doyle, is a private detective living in a 1950s New York where the supernatural and arcane exist in the shadows of everyday life. His boss, Lucius Fogg, is the preeminent occultist of his time and likes to dabble into cases too bizarre or macabre for the local police. Doyle is an average guy being thrown into situations filled with vampires, werewolves, sorcerers and demons. The odds are almost always against him, but he keeps going with nothing more than his wits, his .45 and a stubborn determination to get to the truth.

This is a series of novels featuring Lucius Fogg and Jimmy Doyle. The novels are are just over 75,000 words or the equivalent of 300 printed pages. You can download them directly from this site for $2.99 each. You will receive a ZIP file containing a MOBI (Kindle), ePub (Nook and iPad) and PDF file.


Lucius Fogg: Deadly Creatures
The police ask for Fogg’s help with a series of murders seemingly unrelated except in the way they were committed. Three innocent women killed by three different gunmen in front of multiple witnesses should be open and shut cases, but something far more sinister is pulling the strings. Doyle’s investigation turns up the truth, but it also leaves a nagging question that he can’t let go. When the trail leads him to a mysterious, seductive woman and an underground supernatural fight club, Doyle must go against Fogg’s wishes and risk the safety of the entire city to find the answers. SAMPLE IT HERE

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Lucius Fogg: Malicious Intent
Doyle’s girlfriend spends Halloween night in the brownstone and becomes possessed by a deadly spirit from Lucius Fogg’s past. The seemingly random event turns out to be just the opening move in a very dangerous game being played by Kieran Drake, Fogg’s greatest rival. Drake returns to the public eye by announcing his candidacy for mayor of New York and ripping the cover off of the hidden supernatural world that exists in the city’s shadows. Fogg and Doyle must discover what’s really going on before Drake removes all the players from the board permanently. SAMPLE IT HERE

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