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Friday, July 07, 2006

Raid Fire Friday

There is a hidden addiction in the world that is only getting worse. Coffee. A person can be an asshole and explain it away with ‘I haven’t had my coffee yet’. You can’t go a mile without seeing a coffee house and you go to iHop they give you your own thermos. How long before Coffee Anonymous begins?

The Borders by my house is closing tomorrow because the management of the mall wanted them out. Borders to me is a destination store, a place people go to and then wander the mall. Not a lot of those out there. Can’t see the logic to that at all. And the result is I lose the one place I can go write besides my house.

I watched some of Rock Star: Supernova and have to say that it’s pretty good. It’s like American Idol with good music and talented singers.

I’ve spoken before of my like of Craig Ferguson’s show. I realized that besides his monolog being unscripted, so are his interviews. What you end up with is finding out the real personalities of his guests instead of just the hype for the latest movie or CD.

It’s less than two weeks away from the Comic-Con International. An event that gathers together over 80,000 people who can name comic characters that have not appeared in any movie or television show.

A friend of mine has started a website called “”… she’s getting into doing pet photography, but I can’t help think of it as a odd way of killing off unwanted dogs and cats.

Having gone to see Superman this week, I think Brandon Routh did a good job as Superman/Clark Kent and Kevin Spacey did a great job as Gene Hackman.

When I was younger, I always wished we had a pool and spa. Now I have one and I hardly ever use it. That’s a pretty big example of losing interest in a toy.

I have come to believe that sales of DVDs are greater than VHS tapes not because of the add features or the lack of having to rewind… but rather because they are smaller and take up less space.

One of the things in my loft that was left over when I moved in was a ship in a bottle. I wonder who was the first person to think ‘you know, this ship here would look much better if it was in that bottle over there.’

A good example of companies lowering their quality of product to increase repeat sales is fan companies. I have a fan that is 15 years old and keeps chugging away. I have another fan I bought two months ago and it already died.

I’m looking at Batmobile image and I keep wondering why would you make a car that stand out so damn much if you’re trying to be ‘stealthy’?

Take a moment and stare directly into the eyes of a cat and then say ‘I know your plan and it will not succeed’. The cat will immediately turn away and leave the room to communicate with other cats. I’ve tested this theory over 45 times with different cats each time.

So what was so bad about Latin that people stopped using it?

I saw an interview with Richard Dryfus today where he said that the movie they wanted to shoot for Jaws would have been completely different if the mechanical shark would have worked from the beginning. Happy accident?

Over the next two weeks I will be preparing for Comic-Con so I have no idea how regular my postings will be, but I will do my best. Have a good weekend everyone.


Mikel said...

I know what you mean about cats.
I'm sure if my parents cat had a middle finger, it would give me the bird.

Superman was awesome!! Just wish he would fight a super-powered villain instead of a real-estate hungry bald guy. But Kevin Spacey rocked anyways.

4:57 PM  

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